I was raised in Bethany, a small Northwest Missouri town. I can’t recall when I first decided I wanted to be an attorney. But, other than a brief stint in college when I had dreams of becoming a rock star, it was always my goal (I build acoustic guitars in my spare time, but that’s a story for another website). My mother jokes I was always destined to be a litigator. I apparently debated and argued with her a great deal as a child. Thankfully, she encouraged it and never shied away from a lively and well-reasoned debate. Those early lessons in advocacy stuck with me through undergrad at Missouri State University, and they were especially helpful during law school. I graduated magna cum laude from Creighton University School of Law in 2009.

For more than a decade, I have learned from, and worked with, some the best attorneys, judges, and human beings in the legal profession. I worked year-round at a top tier Omaha litigation firm to help put myself through law school. By working during law school, I gained a tremendous advantage. I didn’t simply read about civil procedure, I was actively engaged in it. I interacted with clients, went to depositions and trials, and even had opportunities to argue substantive motions in open court.

After law school, I began a two-year federal judicial clerkship with the Honorable Gary Fenner of the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri. My time as a federal law clerk was priceless. I learned from an outstanding judge and enjoyed the opportunity to watch lawyers practice law at the highest level. I managed half of Judge Fenner’s civil docket. I prepared draft orders on nearly every type of motion available under the Federal Rules (and a few that weren’t). I witnessed first-hand what works and what doesn’t as a litigator, both in briefing and during oral arguments and trial.

Following my clerkship, I joined Shook, Hardy & Bacon, where I stayed until 2018. Unlike the traditional Big Law attorney experience, Shook attorneys gave me early opportunities to tackle a wide range of regional and high-profile national matters. During my time there, I gained valuable experience in all aspects of litigation – trials, complex arbitrations, mediations, settlement conferences, expert discovery, motion drafting, and oral arguments. I had the opportunity to handle complex business disputes, personal injury actions, product liability cases, medical device and malpractice actions, automotive liability cases, bad faith insurance actions, e-discovery matters, and more.

I enjoyed my time at Shook, and I learned a great deal. Big Law has its positive attributes. But I felt drawn to do something more. And I had a desire to start a new firm with some great attorneys. So that is what I did.

I provide common-sense legal guidance and strategy to help clients manage their business and advance their litigation goals. I will listen, assess your situation and your goals, and help create a path forward.